Committed to improving the lives of clients worldwide.

Oasis Merchant Group originated as one of the industry’s leading independent property consultants with a portfolio worth more than $1.2bn across 10 countries. Oasis MG have built their reputation through Real Estate, non-traditional assets including water trading rights and solar farms.

In recent years we have branched out into investment planning and consulting. We help our clients, who are primarily international investors, reach and exceed their financial goals. Working closely with them, we devise, implement and manage financial solutions that help them create, grow and maximize their wealth.

Oasis MG’s clients enjoy associated benefits such as our comprehensive portfolio of properties, developments and products, many of which are exclusive to our clients and our market leading technologies, our well established relationships with the world’s leading institutions, the fact that we are appropriately authorized in the jurisdictions in which we operate, and that our advisers offer unbiased and unrestricted independent advice, meaning clients receive whole of the market options. This all gives you the client invaluable security and peace of mind.

At Oasis MG our goals are completely aligned with those of our clients providing long term value to assist them in meeting their future financial requirements.

Our funds under management are invested in a broad range of active strategies across equities, property, fixed income and alternatives.

We employ over 100 talented people worldwide operating from 8 offices in 5 different countries across USA, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and South East Asia close to the markets in which we invest and in for our clients.

Oasis MG own a broad international property portfolio consisting of listed buildings, office blocks, hotels, apartments, residential and designated land investments, solar farms and water trading rights. Our directors have all been well established within the property industry and alternative investment markets over the last 25 years, offering a wide range of services and properties to help clients in their search for their next investment.


We augment global investment best practices with local knowledge and origination skills. We integrate Asian values and sensitivities to offer bicultural expertise.


All our investments are built on foundations of trusted relationships with investors and business owners. Every deal is an investment into a meaningful business legacy for entrepreneurs and family businesses.


We structure win-win partnerships and unique deals that few can. We marry the nimbleness of a lean structure with global investment expertise to offer the best of both worlds- flexibility, fast decisions, and large, complex deals.


We work with, rather than for, our key stakeholders. We never shy away from deep involvement in the most challenging post-deal issues.

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